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Policies & Guidlines

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Skill Levels

  • Tumbling is welcome in your dance choreography and will be judged only as it enhances your dance performance.   Routines that emphasize tumbling, contortion and acrobatic skills need to be entered in the "Open" or "Acro" Category

  • Please be careful that choreography, music and costuming are age appropriate.  Our competition is designed for family viewing.

  • Any routine that the judges feel is NOT entered in the appropriate skill level (Beg, Low Int, High Int, Adv) will be judged and awarded in the appropriate skill level division (not the level originally entered in). The dancer's score will be adjusted to reflect the newly assigned level range for comparable and fair overall competition results.  If you are unsure of your skill level, please consult with your dance coach.

  • Beginning: Introductory "recreational" level dancers, learning rhythm, coordination, memorization.  Beginning moves (ie. Single or double pirouettes, forward leaps, Chaines)  ​Any Routines, solos or groups, with triple+ pirouettes, advanced leaps, fouettes or obvious "above beginning level" dance skills will be judged at an Intermediate level) 

  • Low Intermediate: Triple pirouettes, side/back leaps, fouettes.  Developing technique & flexibility.  Attempting more challenging dance skills.  

  • High Intermediate: Challenging dance movements/skills executed with good technique & flexibility.  Emerging artistic expression

  • Advanced:  Very challenging dance movements/skills executed with excellent technique, flexibility and proficient artistic expression.

  • Age Divisions:  Dancers are enter as the age they will be on the date of competition determined by the birthdate submitted and calculated by computer software to insure accuracy. Age categories may be divided or combined as needed.


Genres -

Jazz - Character - Lyrical - Contemporary - Ballet - Pointe (no Beg level) -  Hip Hop/Street Dance - Ballroom (all styles) - Tap/Clog (Stage Only) - Cheer (stunting provide own mats) - Open (any style or combination of styles) - Acro - Studio Production

Music -

Upload your music on your registration profile page no later than one week prior to your performance.   Please visit our Registration page for instructions

Props -

Must be covered with felt, carpet  or rubber on any surface that contacts the floor.  If the floor is littered during a routine, the dancer must be prepared to clean it up immediately following the routine.

Competition Schedule -​ ​

A preliminary schedule of performance will be posted on this website 3 weeks prior to competition.  If any schedule changes need to be made, they must be emailed or called in no later than 1 week prior to competition.  Your dancer’s scheduled time may necessitate him/her to miss some school on Friday depending on the competition location. 

*** Note that Solo/Duo/Trio dancers do not have the option to choose their stage or gym venue.  Most S/D/T's will be scheduled to perform on Friday, however, some S/D/T's may be scheduled on a Saturday if heavy registration load demands.

Marley floors are available on stage only at the Ogden location.

​Gotta Move, LLC is happy to work with school performing teams as a fundraiser.  If your high school performing team would like to host a Gotta Move Competition next year, contact Denna Robertson (801)360-1115 for more information. 

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