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Judging & Awards

We use live video judging for critiques.  Each judge will record their comments during your performance.  The video critiques are uploaded shortly after the competition completes and will be available on your registration page for viewing and downloading.  


The judging panel will consist of four or more qualified, experienced judging authorities.  Each routine will be evaluated by three of the judges for technical ability, choreography, execution, and showmanship.  Judges' decisions are final.

Gem Ranking Scores
Pink Diamond           97-100
Diamond                 95-96
Sapphire                 93-94
Ruby                       90-92
Emerald                 86-89
Amber                    80-85



 Solo, Duo, Trio

  • Every contestant receives a Gotta Move! keepsake trophy with jewel denoting ranking score.  

  • Gotta Move! King Cap or Rhinestone Crown awarded to all 1st  place and Pink Diamond rank level scores.

(1st place winners are cited only when there are three or more contestants in the division.  We make an effort to separate S/D/T dancers from their teammates when the registration numbers allow us to do so, while still maintaining the goal of three to five dancers to a division to preserve the opportunity of winning a crown.)

  • Specialty awards are given for Technique, Showmanship, Choreography, and Costume as nominated by judges.

  • High point awards for the Top 10% Solos in each skill level. 

  • Overall High Point Duo/Trio are recognized at the final awards ceremony 

  • Miss Gotta Move! Solo Overall High Point Queen and two attendants are awarded competition scholarships.

  • Same dancer can win only once in the Miss Gotta Move Royalty and only once in the Overall Skill Level High Point.


  • Each Studio Team dancer receives a participation award.  These participant awards are available to be picked up at the front table during the teams competition throughout the day until 45 minutes prior to the last performing routine.  

  • Each qualifying studio receives a large studio trophy with a plaque for displaying the place plates with jewel denoting ranking score.

(Studios remitting less than $400 team entry fees will receive a handsome wall-plaque award in lieu of the large studio trophy.)

  • Overall High Point Awards for 1st-5th place in each skill level.

  • $200 Gotta Move! Scholarship Studio Sweepstakes winner for the highest average of the top 10 routine scores from each studio (minimum of 10 routines must be registered for studio qualification). 

  • Cash prize awarded in each skill level as Best in Show for highest scoring single team number.

  • Directors Chair "Hall of Fame/Director of the Year."  At every competition, we recognize and welcome a studio to our Gotta Move! Hall of Fame for a director who:

    • has attended Gotta Move! competitions for multiple years

    • is always pleasant to work with

    • fosters good sportsmanship in her studio

    • demonstrates professional commitment and leadership to her students' dance education and experience.

  • Judges Choice plaques for each venue.

  • Special Recognition Certificates are awarded for Technique, Showmanship, Choreography, and Costume as nominated by judges.


Gotta Move! reserves the right to group S/D/T contestants of close ages from differing age categories in order to provide a competitive experience as needed.  Example: Oldest Mini (9 yr old) to compete against youngest Junior (10 yr old) when there is no other equitable competition for the two contestants in their respective age/skill/genre categories, resulting in no more than one year age difference between the two.  

Gotta Move! reserves the right to combine genres of similar qualities to provide a competitive experience, e.g. Jazz/Character, Lyrical/Ballet.


Scheduling efforts are made to separate studio classmates when S/D/T registration numbers deem possible.


Age Group Divisions

6 & under: Tinys

7-9 yrs:  Minis

10-12 yrs: Juniors

13-15 yrs: Teens

16-18 yrs: Seniors

19 & Older: Adults 

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