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Timpanogos 2 Leaderboard

Updated: May 20

Check back throughout the competition to see rankings for SDT awards.

  • High point awards for the Top 5 Soloists in Beginning, High Intermediate & Advanced skill level. And Top 10 soloists in the Low Intermediate skill level.

  • Overall High Point Duo/Trio recognized at the final awards ceremony

  • Miss “Gotta Move” Solo Overall High point Queen and two attendants awarded competition scholarships (Top 3 scoring routines on the Stage. Recognized at the High Intermediate/Advanced Overall Awards).

Reflects all Solo Duo Trio Performances



Miss / Mr. Gotta Move Overall Top 3 scoring routines on the Stage FINAL WINNERS

1st Stella Brinkerhoff "Bloom"

2nd Gemma Trampleasure "Angel"

3rd Nixsen Jones "My Way"

Overall Top 5 High Intermediate Solo FINAL WINNERS

1st Harper Bowles "Cooties"

2nd Hallie Hadlock "Repeat Until Death"

3rd Monaco Gonzales "Can't Turn You Loose"

4th Lily Nerdin "The Unravel"

5th Chloe Beckstead "War Song"

Overall Top 5 Advanced Solo FINAL WINNERS

1st Skylee Sitterud "Man I Feel Like A Woman"

2nd Kaitlyn Tenney "Rescue"

3rd Emrie Hartley "Shot Me Down"

4th Hailey Norat "What Is"

5th Marinn Jackson "Feeling Good"

Overall Duo-Trio FINAL WINNERS

1st Lily Dibb, Madelyn Green, Reese Essig "L-O-V-E"

Overall Top 5 Beginning Solo FINAL WINNERS

1st Novalee Rasmussen "Pineapple Princess"

2nd Kenall Christensen "Jet Set"

3rd Zendah Montoya "Dancing In The Moonlight"

4th Saylor Harrison "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo"

5th Pearl Hopkin "Getting to Know You"

Overall Top 10 Low Intermediate Solo FINAL WINNERS

1st Kaimbry Vance "Feed the Birds"

2nd Violet O'Brien "Something New"

3rd Ellayna Downie "Pink Panther"

4th Harper Madsen "You Don't Own Me"

5th Violet Taylor "Bad Girls"

6th Andee Poll "Forever"

7th Kaitlyn Blood "Everythings Roses"

8th Kelby Frecklton "Space Between"

9th Camille Worley "You'll Get Over It"

10th Cheyenne Rasmussen "Tomboy"

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